The Song of the Future is the Heartbeat of the Past.

by Sweetie Lynne

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This album is dedicated to the wild ones.
With deep gratitude, respect and admiration.
The songs chart a journey of discovery, truth telling,
transformation and beauty.

All songs written by Sweetie Lynne Piper


released September 1, 2013

Album Credits

Lynne Piper: Songwriting, vocals, guitar and keyboards on track 1
Jesse Emerson: Electric, upright and key bass
Steve Drizos: Drums
Donna Potts: Piano on tracks 3 and 5
Jeremy Wilkins: Keyboards, drum programming on track 6

Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Wilkins at Underwater Research and Design, PDX.

Recorded to tape at The Pool in NE Portland with Alex Yusimov.

Cover artwork by April Coppini

All of you mentioned above. Seriously, thank you!! Pomegranate, Colette, Vince, Brian and the entire Frank/Steinkopf/Halleck fam, my Canadian family and friends, BIMS community and classmates, Portland old time musicians, Jacques, Jacob and Briggs, all the wild and not so wild creatures who are with me on this. Y'all are the best. Wouldn't have done it without you!



all rights reserved


Sweetie Lynne Portland, Oregon

Sweetie Lynne is a visionary musician and feminist witch living in Portland, Oregon.

Her music and songwriting are deeply intertwined with her spiritual and political work, and reflect a diverse range of musical influences from Old Time to Hip Hop.
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Track Name: Look Forward
Look Forward
doesn't mean you have to hold the reins tight
Look Forward
doesn't mean hold on to control
I saw the mirror
What lies between me and her...
I saw the mirror
What lies between me and her
Don't think you can own me
These words are mine alone to say
Our truths are both real
I don't believe there's one somewhere halfway
I saw the mirror....
This gate that has opened
The one where I see my true worth
I am new in my boldness
It's something I always thought you were
Track Name: Coyote
Night fall, coyote howls
night fall, coyote howls

She brings you a test, to prove your wiles
She asks can you laugh at your own foolish trials


He wanders city streets, looking for a meal

He's rarely seen but he lives everywhere

They sing for their hearts, they sing for the moon
We sing for our hearts, we sing for the moon
Track Name: Force of the Wind
I fell over the cliff's edge toward the sea
I felt those brambles tearing at my skin
you told me to slow down
that I would find myself hurting
but my body follows a current
and the edge was pulling me in
the heart torn, cuts through, open wide, source revealed
keep your feet on the ground,
look ahead eyes up keep your feet on the ground.
hold on... till it's time... to let go...
I feel the call of the wild
echoing in my every movement
letting go, pushing foward
I am the force of the wind
the heart, the whole heart call it back
my heart is wild fire
burning, reckless, clearing it's way
to try to contain it's power
will burn me up in the fray.
Track Name: Golden
Come on now, those voices..
they can't touch you. You are golden.
Strength is found, in the crashing of your walls
what is revealed, what lies beyond...
What is your truth?
You who've been chasing your dreams for so long
I've watched you. You are so strong
What do you fear?
This is where your power lies.
Not what they expect, but what's inside
Strength is found.. in the crashing of your walls
what is revealed, what lies beyond...
Come on now. those voices...
they can't touch you. You are golden